VST Buzz has launched new Vault series instrument library The Showroom Violin, a solo violin sample library featuring 14 individual articulations and 5 different microphone positions.

This is a incredibly flexible, intimate and beautiful instrument that can easily stand out in a track on its own, making it perfect for film, game & TV composers, pop, rock and so much more!

The Showroom Violin features

  • 14 articulations to choose from.
  • 5 microphone positions on offer.
  • Natural vibrato recorded for a realistic sound.
  • 18 additional reverb IRS with “size” and “amount” controls.
  • 10,000 samples recorded.
  • 6.6GB of space required (3.3GB for download and 3.3GB for extraction).
  • One single patch – no constant switching patches for different articulations.
  • NCW compression to reduce file size (full size 5GB before compression).
  • Kontakt 5.5.0 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player.

The Showroom Violin is available for purchase for 39 EUR. VST Buzz customers can use Reward Points to receive a discount on the library.

More information: VST Buzz