The Songwriting Team has announced the release of The Drum Production Bible Vol. 1, the latest pop music production course from The Songwriting Team.

In just a few short and inspiring hours you’ll know tons of new creative techniques and approaches for making relevant music…

We’ve skipped the boring fundamental stuff.

These are the secret tricks that they don’t teach you in recording school. These can be applied to any genre of popular music from edgy pop tracks like The Weeknd and Taylor Swift to huge pop rock like The Neighbourhood and Joy Wave.

Right now you can watch over 20% of the course for free. Lessons cover everything from re-purposing loops, creatively using distortion and filters, using samples to support the song’s story, our process for making demo drums better, and much more!

The Drum Production Bible Vol. 1 is available from Udemy.

More information: The Songwriting Team