The Strange Agency has released HyperSpace, a waveform-sculpting 3-D oscilloscope synthesizer app for iOS.

The Stange Agency HyperSpace

HyperSpace uses a unique algorithm to generate endless mesmerizing images from sound. It works similarly to a harmonograph, but uses its 3 voice oscillators instead of pendulums to create images. Each oscillator is mapped to a dimension in 3-D space. Playing a single note creates a wave, like on an ordinary oscilloscope. Playing two notes at once creates a plane as with the harmonograph, and playing a three note chord creates a volume.

There are two oscillators to crossfade between. These can be set to standard shapes as with older synths, but HyperSpace also lets you sculpt the waves with touch! Changing the wave shapes of course alters the sound, but it also alters the generated imagery. The variety of imagery generated with this simple algorithm is truly astonishing.

HyperSpace features

  • Selectable keyboard scales for easier jams.
  • Fat keys option for fat fingers.
  • Three voice polyphony.
  • Two LFO modulators.
  • Lowpass filter effect.
  • Echo effect.
  • Audio Copy.
  • iTunes file sharing.
  • Works on iPad and iPhone 4s/4/3GS.

The app is available to purchase for $0.99 USD.

More information: The Strange Agency / HyperSpace