The Unfinished has launched Omnisphere Colossus II, a new sound library featuring a collection of 400 patches and 70 multis for the Omnisphere 2 instrument by Spectrasonics.

The Unfinished Omnisphere Colossus II

This library is the follow-up to my 2016 best-seller, Omnisphere Colossus, and is aimed at providing great sounds for cinematic action and underscore. Like it’s predecessor it is inspired in particular by the music of Harry Gregson-Williams and James Newton Howard, resulting in a soundset that is packed with kinetic energy, dark atmosphere and driving pulse.

Colossus II expands on the original, providing both more of the same and also zeroing in on a few sonic areas that needed focus. In particular there are more percussive loops, cinematic hits, sombre textures, as well as more light/organic sequences.

At its heart, Colossus II is bristling with punchy, vibrant drama and sophisticated, subtle tension. As ever there are a raft of suspenseful and dramatic grooves and arps; esoteric and epic pads and soundscapes; booming and striking basses and drums; plus widescreen guitars, emotive pianos, hybrid bells, and all sorts of pulsating and moody noises.

This soundset is inspired by soundtracks such as Deja Vu, The Martian, Phone Booth, The Equalizer, Man on Fire, Bourne Legacy, Salt, Michael Clayton, and Nightcrawler, whilst also keeping an eye on a few other favourite modern scores, to make sure Colossus II provides you with sounds that are classic, contemporary and forward thinking

Each patch has been carefully crafted and features hands-on, dynamic control via the modwheel. Plus, there are 70 multis to provide you with quick and easy ideas for sketching – ideal for when deadlines are fast approaching.

Colossus II is all you need to create compelling and cutting edge scores for film, TV and games. Just add orchestra.

Omnisphere Colossus II is available for purchase for £59.99 GBP + VAT.

More information: The Unfinished / Omnisphere Colossus II