The Very Loud Indeed Co., creators of synthesizer soundsets for film, TV and videogame composers, has announced the opening of its online store.

Led by veteran sound designer Richie Nieto, the company specializes in crafting collections of sounds that can be used to compose music for visual media.

The Very Loud Indeed Co sound packs

The Very Loud Indeed Co. store’s launch lineup includes:

  • Zebra Kuroshio — a collection of 120 patches for u-he’s Zebra2 synthesizer. There is also a version of Zebra Kuroshio tailored for ZebraHZ, which also includes all the patches for Zebra2.
  • Omnisphere Irazu — a 120-patch soundset for Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere 2.6 synthesizer, including 109 new soundsources.
  • Omnisphere Grafos — another 120-patch soundset for Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere 2.6, including 74 new soundsources.
  • Knifonium Kuuma — a 100-patch soundset for the Knifonium synthesizer by Plugin Alliance/Brainworx.

In addition to the stock soundsets sold at their new store, The Very Loud Indeed Co. also offers bespoke design services, which allows composers to have sounds custom-designed from the ground up to fit their needs.

“We enjoy working closely with composers. And when it comes to designing those specific, unique sounds that you need to make your score truly shine, we love hitting the bullseye dead center,” said founder and sound designer Richie Nieto.

“It doesn’t matter how apparently simple or how massively complex those patches may be, we craft them all with the utmost pride and care.”

More information: The Very Loud Indeed Co.