ThePriest has released a beta version of ChannelTools, a free VST effect plug-in for Windows.

ChannelTools is a freeware VST plug-in to perform various tasks, primarily to control and analyze the levels of signals and to check and modify the stereo image.

ChannelTools features

  • Written in C++, unique buggy :) DSP algorithms developed by myself.
  • Awful GUI designed by myself.
  • Purely digital, not analog modeled.
  • Two gain faders with leds for activity (green leds) and clip (red leds).
  • Configurable gain smoothing.
  • Stereo width fader (0 to 200 %) with correlation meter.
  • Pan fader with “stereo position meter”.
  • Swap left and right channels.
  • Invert phase.
  • Mono.
  • Mute.
  • Limiter (hard limiter, not analog modeled, digital).
  • Metering (peak and RMS).
  • Double precision (64-bit) floating point internal processing engine.
  • Double precision (64-bit) floating point audio output on VST 2.4 compatible hosts.
  • Full automation support.
  • Any sample rate supported.
  • Zero latency.