Sugar Bytes has announced that its Thesys MIDI sequencing app for iOS now supports the Audio Unit extension and iCloud Drive with the new 1.3.0 update.

Sugar Bytes Thesys for iOS

Users can now sequence instruments in their mobile DAWs or use the Standalone to directly trigger their favourite AUv3 plugin. Through iCloud, you’ll be able to share your saved presets across multiple devices including your desktop computer.

!!! Attention: Please be aware that existing IAA and Audiobus sessions won’t work anymore !!!

When using your existing Audiobus 3 session that uses Thesys IAA, you need to save within Thesys the corresponding presets you’ve made BEFORE you start the update to version 1.3.0!

Likewise, when loading an existing Audiobus 3 session that uses Thesys IAA, you just need to make sure you recall the corresponding preset manually via the internal preset browser of Thesys when using the AUv3 version.

Thesys is available from the App Store for $14.99 USD.

More information: Sugar Bytes