thIIIrd has announced the release of Fang, a new synthesizer app for Android that provides a unique interface with the accelerometer input.

Fang is a synth app based on motion modulated control through accelerometer information. Each parameter can be linked to different directions of motion.

Contains presets, wav recording, a stepped arpeggiator with diatonic scale locking, a multi-pattern sequencer, wave shaping oscillators, resonant filter with envelope and pitch locking, and an effects rig (including formant filter, pitched delay, reverb, down-sample, bit reduction.)

Capable of strange sonic textures, complex evolving arpeggios, or classic sequenced synth sounds.

Fang Synth features

  • Four sub parameters for each parameter to adjust left, right, back, and forward accelerometer input.
  • Save and load presets.
  • Export audio as wav.
  • 4 pattern 8 step sequencer with adjustable rate.
  • Stepped arpeggiator with sync and ms rate control.
  • Diatonic scale lock.
  • 5 voice polyphony.
  • Pitch envelope.
  • 2 oscillators wave shape between triangle and saw by slider and by an envelope.
  • Oscillator B to A frequency modulation (fm).
  • White noise generator.
  • Per voice delay.
  • Per voice down-sample effect.
  • 4 pole resonant band-pass filter with frequency control by slider, pitch, and ADSR envelope.
  • Amplitude controlled by ADSR envelope, number box, and pitch.
  • Reverb.
  • Formant (vowel) filter.
  • Delay with re-pitched feedback.
  • Bit reduction.

Fang is available from Google Play for $4.49 USD/4.39 EUR.

More information: thIIIrd