Thomas Mundt has released version 1.06 of LoudMax, a look-ahead brickwall maximizer effect plug-in for Windows.

Changes in LoudMax v1.06

  • Meters added.
    The green ones for input and output levels. And a red meter for the gain reduction in relation to the adjusted threshold.
  • Replaced “Drive”-slider with a “Thresh”-slider that works in the opposite direction.
    Together with the meters it should make it easier for you to see how “deep” you are in compression.
  • Updated algorithm.
    The sound should be cleaner and at low compression slightly louder on input material with a high dynamic. The plugins latency is 1.25ms.

Note: If you saved a project with the old LoudMax you have to re-adjust the “Threshold” parameter.

LoudMax is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Download link: LoudMax v1.06