Plugin Boutique has launched a reveal & show video on W.A Production’s The King multiband compressor effect plugin.

Jerry Mateo shows how you can use The King to remove unwanted low frequency resonance on an acoustic guitar recording to help make space for the bass and kick in a track.

The King is an extremely powerful and beautiful Compression Plug-In that has a dynamic amount of features and effects to really bring your track to life. Able to be used on your Master channel, or on individual Audio tracks or MIDI Instruments to allow full customization and effectiveness.

The King has the ability to give the users control over 5 bands (Low, Low Mid, Mid, High Mid and High) and with this access allows the user to perfect the sound of each frequency group. Increase the individual band Threshold, increase or decrease the individual band Make Up Gain, fix the Input / Output Gain to your liking, add a limiter and so much more!

The King is currently on sale at Plugin Boutique for only $29 USD.

More information: W.A Production The King