Big Fish Audio Jazz Hedz: Acid Jazz Download Pak

Time+Space has announced four new Big Fish Audio products which are now available to download: Jazz Hedz, Junk Box Percussion Vol 1 & 2 and Mosaic: Synthetic Groove Pak Vol 1.

Big Fish Audio download products

Jazz Hedz: Acid Jazz Download Pak contains six packed acid jazz construction kits. These retro sounds will fill your taste for jazz styles infused with an urban groove. Each kit will bring you multiple takes and variations of each instrument. You won’t find anything tame about the music here. It’s nothing but serious music played by serious players. The players for this product are seasoned pros who have played with the likes of Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, Ron Carter and many others.

Junk Box Percussion Vol 1 and Vol 2. Ever experimented with household objects as percussive instruments? Well, Big Fish have with Junk Box Percussion Vol 1 and Vol 2 both of which give access to some surprising and quirky sounds and grooves. Each Volume contains 10 construction kits for your experimental percussive needs. Who would have thought using a spoon on a glass bottle could make such a sweet groove?

Mosaic: Synthetic Groove Pak Vol 1 contains synthetic grooves created to fit a wide variety of musical styles and settings. Whether it´s electronica, hip hop, industrial, or a film score, MOSAIC has you covered. These grooves have been organized into nine folders within which are loops that were specifically created to work perfectly in sync with each other, but they will also mix well with other loops in the Pak, or from elsewhere.

All these Big Fish Audio download titles are available for £14.95 each.

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