Time+Space Soundiron sweepstakes

Time+Space has announced a sweepstakes, offering a chance to win the Olympus Symphonic Choir Collection sample library by Soundiron.

The critically acclaimed Soundiron is widely known for its leading choral and scoring percussion products as well as their exquisitely captured pianos, drums, ethnic and traditional folk instruments, ambient sound designs and sound effects libraries.

Their most recent triumphs are the Symphonic Choir Libraries – Mars and Venus – which, in a recent interview with Time+Space, Soundiron co-founder Mike Peaslee rated among his most proudest achievements to date…

“Together in terms of size and scale, they´re larger than all of our previous choral projects combined. We covered greatly expanded Latin content, all new Russian material, a ridiculous number of staccato and marcato articulations, tempo-synching, more robust word building and phrase sequencing, larger soloists sections and so much more.” – Mike Peaslee

Throughout August, Soundiron’s UK distributor Time+Space is giving you the chance to win a copy of Olympus Symphonic Choir Collection – an epic bundle containing the awe inspiring Mars and Venus men’s and women’s choirs.

The sweepstakes ends August 31st, 2012.

More information: Time+Space