Time+Space has announced it is bringing the classics back into the present, with the release of four Ilio sample libraries.

These days we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to sample libraries with many new releases springing up across the internet every day.

Yet, there are many libraries from the past that remain timeless, still sounding as great and inspirational today as they did several years ago. Having been established for almost twenty years, Time+Space fondly remember many of these ‘classics’, and have taken it upon themselves to bring them back to the present.

To kick things off Time+Space have taken four of Ilio’s sample collections from the early ‘noughties’ and converted them from their original Akai format to WAV files, making them more accessible for today’s music producers.

Ilio sample libraries at Time+Space

Ilio sample libraries

  • Memphis Horns – Hundreds of trumpet, trombone, bari and tenor phrases in multiple keys and tempos played by the hugely successful Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love.
  • Phat Fingers – Delivers hundreds of funkified guitar and bass patterns, slides, and fills arranged into 30 song construction kits.
  • Hot Steel Blues – Reveals a soulful Blues attitude with low-down and greasy riffs courtesy of both electric and acoustic guitars.
  • Keys to the City – Created and produced by Michael Bearden, this library delivers tons of synth and keyboard grooves organized into multi-tracked compositions.

The above Ilio sample libraries are now available to download exclusively from Time+Space.

More information: Time+Space