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Time+Space shipping Diamonds of Orient

Best Service Diamonds of Orient

Time+Space has announced it is now shipping Diamonds of Orient, a collection of rare oriental percussion construction kits & single instrument loops by Best Service.

Real percussive diamonds played by native top musicians Natik & Xeyam, Nistemann Sansar, Celal Sansar, Emrah Sansar, Oezkan & Efkan Durmaz !!!

A huge variety of oriental and ethnic percussion styles in 3/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 10/8, 12/8 measure. Userfriendly cut, combinable with each other and ready to use also in a 4/4 track!

This acoustic journey takes you from the Caucasus to Balkan, with sonic stopovers in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Persia, Chechenia, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Greece, Iraq and Macedonia!

Diamonds of Orient features

  • 113 Construction Kits & 846 Single Instrument Loops
  • Instruments:
    • Nagara & Gosha-Nagara played by the azerbaijani top musicans Natik and Xeyam.
    • Hi- & Bass Darbuka by Nistemann Sansar.
    • Davul & Bendir by Celal Sansar.
    • Bongo, Tef, Shaker, Tumba, Zil, middleanatolian Spoons by Oezkan Durmaz.
    • Hollo & Udu by Emrah Sansar.
  • Styles:
    • 12/8 Lezgi – Chechenian folk dance, Persia, Middle Asia.
    • 5/8 & 6/8 – East & South Anatolia, Turkmenistan, Arabia.
    • 6/8 Azerbaijan, Persia.
    • 7/8 & Rumeli – Balkan, Turkey.
    • 9/8 Roman – Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia..
    • 10/8 folk music Turkey, Irak.
    • 4/4 grooves Ciftetelli, Vahde, Malfuf, Baladi, Maksum, Sebare, Zafa – used all over the Orient..
    • 3/4 classic turkish- & oriental grooves.
  • 55 Bpm – 260 Bpm
  • Dual Layer DVD 6,35 Gb (WAV 1,99 Gb)
  • Multiformat: WAV, AIFF, REX2, SAGE (Stylus RMX)

Diamonds of Orient is available now for £74.95 GBP (inc VAT).

Visit Time+Space for more information.

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