Quazibeat African Secret 2

Time+Space is shipping African Secret 2, a sample library by Quazibeat, featuring performances from South Africa’s foremost traditional and modern African musicians.

African Secret 2 features

  • 2.3GB of the finest samples performed by South Africa´s foremost traditional and modern African musicians.
  • Format: Wav and Rex2 loops.
  • Included instruments are are Bass Guitar, Bongo, Claves, Egg Shaker, African Flute, Jewish Harp, Low Log, Pandera, Sax Section, Solo Sax, Tambourine, Traditional Guitar, Violin Section, Tapping, Solo Violin, Shaker, Sanza, Mbira, Kalimba, Rainstick, Female Vocal Hooks, Congas, Calabash, Bell, Berimbau, Chant, Djembe, Female Vocal FX, free Tempo Perc, Low Drum, Mouthbox, Sax FX, Shekere, Talking Drum Tambali
  • BONUS: Selected “African Secret Volume 1” samples in Rex2 format.

African Secret 2 is now available from Time+Space for £ 59.95 GBP.

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