TK Audio has announced the availability of a multi-functional parallel processing tool for the API-developed 500-Series modular analog audio equipment format.

Designed to get more energy into a single track or add more punch to a mix by blending in compression, the M/S Blender 500 consists of a dual mono blender, a stereo blender, and an M/S encoder/decoder.

In standard mode the unit acts like two individual mono blenders. If you activate the link function the left blend knob will control both channels for easier blend of stereo signals. In M/S mode the left/right sends will be encoded into mid/ side sends and the returns will be decoded back to left/right before the blend control(s). A cue function is also provided so that you can monitor the left, right, mid or side signal (to cue the mid or side signal the M/S function need to be activated.) The cued signal will be sent to both main outputs. All inputs and outputs are electronically balanced and can handle signals up to +26dBu.

Parallel processing can help you get more energy on tracks like bass, vocal and guitars by blending in compression. It can also give you more punch in a mix by blending in a compressed signal. With parallel compression you will keep the transients from the direct signal while you blend in compressed signal for more energy. It’s also very useful for blending in signals from distortion, saturation and overdrive units. The M/S Blender 500 can also be used as a M/S encoder/decoder for the inserted processor(s), you don’t need to use stereo units for M/S processing, you can use separate units for mid and side processing. When you work in M/S mode the mid and side signal will be processed separately which can help you get a more focused mid, adding some air to the sides at the same time. By altering the side signal level you can control the width of the mix.

M/S Blender 500 is available at a list price of $899 USD/739 EUR/£649 GBP (prices ex. VAT where applicable).

More information: TK Audio