TK Audio has released the Mono Blender, a 500 series single channel version module of its MB1 Mini-Blender introduced earlier this year.

TK Audio Mono Blender

The Mono Blender is the perfect tool for parallel processing. Insert any compressor into the front panel XLRs and blend it with any other audio signal being simultaneously fed through the unit with absolutely no degradation to either source. Imagine parallel compression using an LA2a, LA3a, 1176…or any classic or state of the art compressor!

All inputs and outputs are electronically balanced, and the rugged blend control has 21 steps for precise, easily recallable adjustments.

“When the MB1 was released, there was an immediate demand for a single channel version”, states TK Audio president Thomas Kristiansson. “We’re really pleased to have been able to bring it to market so quickly.”

Mono Blender is available for purchase for 329 EUR ex VAT/£272 GBP ex VAT/$429 USD MSRP.

More information: TK Audio / Mono Blender