Togu Audio Line has updated several of its plugins with some bug fixes. The free NoiseMaker synthesizer instrument is now also available in AAX format.

TAL-NoiseMaker, TAL-Sampler, TAL-U-NO-LX, TAL-BassLine-101, TAL-Chorus-LX, TAL-Reverb-4 and TAL-Vocoder-2 updated.

Fixes a possible crash in TAL-Sampler and brings back compatibility with older TAL-NoiseMaker presets in cubase. We also updated the underlying base framework. This fixes a UI performance issue with OSX VST plugins in some hosts.

Changes in TAL-NoiseMaker v4.1.0

  • Updated plugin version. Cubase should now also load older presets.
  • AAX support.

Changes in TAL-Sampler v1.8.1

  • Improved waveform view (performance and colours).
  • Fixes a crash when deleting the last mapping in the mapping editor.

The updates are now available for download.

More information: Togu Audio Line