Togu Audio Line has released version 2.5 of TAL-Elek7ro, a free virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

This version improves the audio quality of the synth, especially for sounds > 10000Hz. To get better results, some non linear components were replaced with linear ones. Also the oversampling is increased to 4x- older versions had 2x oversampling.

Some presets maybe sound a bit different, especially self resonating sounds are louder with the new version. The previous version is still available for download for some time.

TAL-Elek7ro to v2.5 features

  • Improved audio quality, especially for frequencies > 10’000Hz.
  • 4x oversampled filter – previous version was 2x oversampled.
  • Increased self resonance volume.

TAL-Elek7ro 2.5 is available to download as a freeware instrument plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Togu Audio Line