Togu Audio Line has released version v1.6.1 of TAL-Sampler, a sampler instrument plugin for Windows and Mac.

TAL-Sampler 1.50

TAL-Sampler is not just a sample player. It’s a full featured analog modeled synthesizer with a sampler engine as sound source, including a powerful modulation matrix and a high quality self-oscillating 24/12/6 dB low pass filter.

Changes in TAL-Sampler v1.6.1

  • Delay engine output noisy sound after changing delay time fixed (v 1.6.1).
  • In-Place preview improved (v 1.6.1).
  • Selected layer mapping in sync with mapping dialog (v 1.6.1).
  • Long sample filename overlaps SFZ load button fixed (v 1.6.1).
  • Loading sample when rom is loaded not work fixed (v 1.6.0)
  • Self oscillation / resonance issue with x64 version fixed (v 1.5.9)
  • AAX crash when loading presets while playing fixed (v 1.5.5).
  • DAC volume text missing, fixed (v 1.5.5).
  • In-Place audio preview added (v 1.5.5).
  • File filter bug fixed (v 1.5.5).
  • Sfz default path support added: default_path=French Horn Solo Samples\ (v 1.5.5).
  • SFZ browser in layer view added (v 1.5.5).
  • New mapping dialog for faster mapping and better overview with direct file drag & drop to key (v 1.5.5).
  • High frequency peak in reverb fixed (v 1.5.5).
  • Mapping dialog MIDI learn low, root and high key can now be done at once when selecting all buttons.
  • Useful for drums (v 1.5.5).
  • Show playing position when play one key and the current selected mapping (v 1.5.5).
  • Wrong loop size fixed. Didn’t play the last sample of the loop. Only notable with samples that have a high pitch (v1.53).
  • Possibility to change all crossover fade values of one layer with one knob (ALL option in the layer view) (v1.53).
  • Some optimizations (v1.53).

TAL-Sampler for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $60 USD.

More information: Togu Audio Line / TAL-Sampler