Togu Audio Line has released version v1.6.6 of TAL-Sampler, a sampler instrument plugin for Windows and Mac.

TAL-Sampler 1.50

TAL-Sampler is not just a sample player. It’s a full featured analog modeled synthesizer with a sampler engine as sound source, including a powerful modulation matrix and a high quality self-oscillating 24/12/6 dB low pass filter.

Changes in TAL-Sampler v1.6.6

  • Cubase Media Bay drag & drop support.
  • Multi file drag & drop from finder or explorer into the mapping keyboard view.
  • Copy mapping from another layer in mapping view added.
  • Multi layer SFZ import from menu. Imports the first four layers of an SFZ file.
  • We had to remove sample position and loop automation because of some unresolvable issues with some hosts (v 1.6.4).
  • Sample position automation also updates the mapping view (v1.6.3).
  • Sample and sample loop position parameters now exposed to host (v1.6.3).
  • MIDI Learn now also works for sample and loop start and end positions. It modifies all mappings inside a layer (v1.6.2).
  • 14bit MIDI controller support for CC 1 – 31 added (v1.6.2).

TAL-Sampler for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $60 USD.

More information: Togu Audio Line / TAL-Sampler