Tokyo Dawn Labs has released updates to the TDR SlickEQ M equalizer effect plugin and DeEdger plugin by Ohlhorst Digital that controls the hardness of audio material while preserving dynamic impact and musicality.

TDR SlickEQ M 2.0

Changes in SlickEQ M v2.0.0

  • Added VST3 support
  • Added compatibility for macOS Catalina # Added 100%, 125% and 150% UI scale options.
  • Added advanced mixed phase modes for stereo width and balance filters.
  • Added “SumDiff” stereo mode offering operation similar to traditional M/S EQing.
  • Added “Mono” and exclusive channel modes “Sum”, “Diff”, “Left”, Right”.
  • Added ECO and LIVE (zero latency) processing modes.
  • Replaced LF and HF nonlinearity options with LF and HF exciters (legacy mode still accessible and recallable).
  • Added Smart Operations panel (incl. control over stereo width and panning).
  • Added source selector for the analyser: Off, Input, Output.
  • Added options for Stereo Analysis (stereo width and balance vs frequency).
  • EQ autogain no longer affected by HP or LP (projects recall as before, though).
  • Analyzer precision and reaction time improved.
  • UI performance improved.
  • Fixed bug in stereo width loudness correction (old projects recall as before, though).
  • Several little improvements.

Changes in OD DeEdger v1.2.3

  • Added VST3 plugin format.
  • Fixed compatibility with macOS Catalina.

The plugins are currently on sale at 40% off in a Black Friday sale at Plugin Boutique. The updates are free to existing users of SlickEQ M and DeEdger.

More information: Tokyo Dawn Labs