Sound designer Tom Wolfe has announced the launch of Synth Vault, offering members 20 brand new presets for a range of software synths every month, completely free.

Presets will be available for Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Arturia Pigments, as well as a different u-he synths. The Vault will also include presets for a different wildcard synth each month, with presets planned for a range of free and paid software synths including Pendulate, Vital and Knifonium.

On top of this, members will have access to new sound design tutorials each month to help with creating their own presets. With Synth Vault, Tom Wolfe’s aim is to provide members with an endless source of inspiration to get their creativity flowing and keep creating music.

You can sign up at Tom Wolfe’s website now and start receiving free presets.