Tomavatars has released a brand new expansion for the Falcon creative hybrid synthesizer by UVI.

The SBAM! “Slice Beat Amen Melee” is a sampler sequencer which uses 4 sampler engines that automatically slice your samples using transients.

The most fun and spontaneous multi sample sequencer with a beat em up game in it! SBAM is a unique sampler sequencer. You can load your own samples in 4 sampler engines. These samples are then automatically sliced.

Then, you’ll have a lot of options to play with: Use the Layers sequencer to trigger the sample you want at the step you want. Use the Slices sequencer to trigger the slice of the current sample you want at the step you want. Use 10 other sequencers to modulate many types of parameters! Edit 4 different patterns per sequencers. Control these patterns with a pattern player. And beat all the bosses!

SBAM! for Falcon 2.5 or higher is priced 59 EUR. It is on sale at a 20% introductory discount for a limited time at the Gumroad store. A free demo version is available to download.

More information: Tomavatars