Jérémy Pinat has released version 1.2 of Ton, a drum machine for the iPad that offers an advanced sample-sculpting engine.

Ton 1.2

The update makes it possible to import custom samples (in-app purchase required), as well as various improvements to the step-sequencer, timing accuracy, tempo range, graphics, and more.

Each one of the 6 available tracks have its own saturation effect, a multimode resonant filter, an amplitude envelope, and can be routed to the two master effects, delay and reverb.

Combining these features with a step sequencer capable of parameter locking, Ton provides a powerful way to build fluid and organic rhythmic patterns.

Changes in Ton v1.2

  • Custom sample import using iCloud, Dropbox, AudioShare or iTunes File Sharing (in-app purchase.)
  • The step-sequencer can now be 1, 2 or 4 bars long. Sequence length can be set independently for each track. Lengthening a sequence automatically fills the new steps with existing values to support live play.
  • Drastically improved timing accuracy (0.02ms precision.)
  • Tempo range can now be set from 20 to 999 BPM using a new wheel-like control.
  • Patterns can now be used without leaving the main screen.
  • Improved graphics, including waveform visualization.

Ton is available from the iTunes App Store as a free download.

More information: Ton

Ton 1.2 tempo

Ton 1.2 pattern