Tone Arm Instruments Dirty Mouth

Tone Arm Instruments has launched its website with the release of Dirty Mouth, a vocal character instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

It was built from a recording session with an alto acappella diva. Perfect for musicians and producers looking to add non-verbal singing and texture to their songs.

This is a Dirty Instrument — although the samples are edited and cleaned, it sounds dirty. Here that dirt is the rushed inhalations of a performer reaching for that high note and some deformed syllables.

Dirty Mouth features

  • 5 patches: Dirty Bum, Dirty Bum Fast, Dirty We, Dirty LA, Dirty Dooo.
  • 3 velocities, 5 round robin.
  • Three octaves (extended).
  • Over 1,900 samples.

The sound library (Kontakt 4 and above) is available to purchase for $15 USD.

Visit Tone Arm Instruments for more information.