Tone2 launches public beta of Icarus wavetable synth plugin


Tone2 Audiosoftware has released a public beta version of its Icarus wavetable synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Tone2 Icarus beta

We received many requests to be able to join the beta of Icarus before the official release at the end of June. That’s why we decided to offer a public beta and an early access phase.

Known bugs: The beta, has been reported to be stable and reliable. If the plugin runs in demo mode, it sometimes can produce a hanging tone after 30 minutes. The unlocked full version is not affected by this.

The public beta is available for download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Tone2 Audiosoftware / Icarus

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David Purton
David Purton

Yeah… install tone 2 software of you like your plugins to come with intrusive spyware. But if you’re smart you’ll stay clear of this developer… just do a Google search to see what talking about. MAJOR pass for me, and forever until they answer for their immoral practices.


There’s been a lot of discussion/ranting about this at places like KVR. It seems Tone2 scans for illegal license files of its products and deletes those when found. If I’m not mistaken it makes mention of this in the EULA. I have several Tone2 plugins and never experienced any problem.

David Purton
David Purton

Well, to scan your system for anything takes CPU cycles, let alone software that deletes files from your computer without your consent… it’s my computer, my files, I don’t want audio software scanning my system for anything I didn’t install the product for, let alone deleting my files. I don’t run illegal software, so that’s not what bothers me, the ends just don’t justify the means… stay out of my personal files if you want my business. These issues deserve discussion/ranting, and I thank everyone you put in that box.