Tone2 has posted some more information on its upcoming Icarus wavetable synthesizer instrument.

Tone2 Icarus resynthesis

Most synthesizers which are advertized with ‘resynthesis’, give poor results, are difficult to use and suffer from heavy artefacts. We have taken care of these problems and developed completely new algorithms: The resynthesis of Icarus works properly on nearly any kind of material, is very easy to use and gives high quality results. Simply click on the button, select a wav file and wait for some seconds. Icarus will automatically create a patch, which sounds very similar to the original sound.

Additonally you can use 54 different morphmodes and a large toolset to shape the sound further: Waveshaping, timestreching, pitchshifting, granulizing, stacking, PWM, formant shifting, bpm syncing, phase distortion, reversing, ringmodulation, sync, rearranging, fm, spectral editing, looping, denoising, mixing,… – literally anything is possible.

More information: Tone2 Audiosoftware