Abstracts for Firebird+

Tone2 has released Abstracts, an expansion for the Firebird+ synthesizer.

Abstracts is a collection of 440+ patches, an extensive 30 page manual with step by step tutorials including tips and hints for Firebird and a patch list with descriptions for easy access to the sounds.

Abstracts features

  • 440+ sounds: deep basses, ambient textures, rhythmic elements, leads and evolving pad sounds, Abstracts showcases the true strength of Firebird’s Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis.
  • Designed to be as usable as possible, ranging from bread and butter leads to complex ambient soundscapes, every patch is setup to cover keyboard controllers like Mod wheel, Pitch bend and velocities.
  • Next to the usual fxb format, presets inside the expansion banks are included as single fxp files, sorted by categories as well as sorted by bank (‘no FX’ versions of all the banks are also included).
  • Inside the expansion you will also find 210 percussion and effect samples in wav format (60mb), taken from the included percussion, effect and variation patches of these sounds.

Abstracts for Firebird+ is available for 34 EUR / $49 USD.

More information: Tone2