Tone2 BiFilter VST plug-in

Tone2 has updated BiFilter to version v1.6 Beta.

BiFilter is a high-end quality stereo filter module for VST. It uses a high precision “direct form 2” filter model with a ripple less than 1dB. It supports linear behaviour over the whole frequency range from less than 20 Hz up to 20000 Hz and brilliant, controllable resonance.

New since v1.0

  • New Filters:
    • State variable lowpass
    • State variable highpass
    • State variable bandpass
    • Resonantor
    • Comb filter 3 stage
    • Comb filter 6 stage
    • Moog lowpass 24 dB
    • Moog lowpass 6 dB
    • Moog highpass
    • Moog bandpass
    • Moog notch
    • Moog notch lowpass
  • New FX:
    • AM
    • FM sine (anti-aliased)
    • FM triangle (anti-aliased)
    • FM saw (anti-aliased)
    • Resampling
  • BiFilter comes now with 50 presets
  • The filesize has been reduced
  • A fix in the GUI controls
  • better performance
  • fixed problems with some hosts

More information: Tone2