Tone2 IMS Exclusive for RayBlaster

Tone2 has announced the release of IMS Exclusive, a soundset featuring 150 patches for the RayBlaster software synthesizer.

IMS Exclusive takes Rayblaster’s Impulse Modeling capabilities to the next level, breaking sonic barriers with a smooth blend of unique and twisted sounds. Our designers focused on sounds which are exclusive to IMS and not possible with other synthesizers.

This set contains 150 expressive presets, each build to have its own unique texture and character, providing a wealth of inspiration and creativity for you to work with.

Gritty energetic basses, intricate arpeggios, haunting keys, vivid leads and warped effects, all infused with an attitude and fresh flavor. Unique, Fresh, Exclusive!

The IMS Exclusive soundset costs 39 EUR inc. VAT.

More information: Tone2 / IMS Exclusive