Tone2 FireBird+

Tone2 has released version 1.10.2 of FireBird+, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

FireBird+ is not just another synthesizer, it uses Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) synthesis to provide a powerful, unique and innovative architecture for next-generation sounds, never heard before.

HCM synthesis combines standard and resynthesized waves, which can be modified in real time using various modifiers altering their harmonic structure.

Changes in FireBird+ v1.10.2

  • 137 new presets programmed by Bastiaan van Noord (NoiseWorkx) and Bryan ‘Xenos’ Lee.
  • Additional patterns for the ARP.
  • Up and down arrow keys are now used for previous/next preset selection.
  • Included a Spanish manual
  • Improved performance and faster loading.
  • Improved sound, smoother and more hardware like sound quality.
  • More ‘punchy’ envelopes.
  • Slightly reduced reverb mix for combi effects.
  • Filter sweeps now sound cleaner.
  • Improved host compatibility.
  • Reduced CPU spikes.
  • The installer now automatically detects the VST folder.

The v1.10.2. update is free for all FireBird+ users.

More information: Tone2 / FireBird+