Tone2 FireBird+

Tone2 has updated FireBird+ to version 1.8.

New in FireBird+ v1.8

  • New: 3 new reverb types with high-end sound quality: RevHiEndA, RevHiEndB, RevHiEndC
  • New: new analog modeled filter with asymetric resonance shape: LP syncie
  • Improved sound quality of effects: Reverb A, Reverb B, Del+Rev A, Del+RevB, Ens+Rev
  • Drastically improved filters (completely new algorithm): LP analog, BP analog, HP analog, BR analog
  • Improved frequency/gain response of filters: LP 30dB, LP Fat, LP Oct, HP 30dB, HP Fat, LP SVF, HP SVF, BP SVF, BP 15dB, Lowshelf, Highshelf, Equalizer
  • Improved sound of filters: Vocal IEAOU, Vocal A, Vocal U, Vocal E, Vocal I, Vocal O
  • Changed default settings of knobs (Strg+mouseclick)
  • Better display of automation parameters
  • Less glitches when the engine hits the maximum number of voices
  • Less CPU spikes on randomizing
  • Fixed: BR analog was not working
  • Fixed: Wrong update notifications
  • Fixed LFOs: Sin, Cos, Rand Sine

The update to FireBird+ v1.8 is free for FireBird+ users. FireBird users can upgrade to FireBird+ for $29.

More information: Tone2 / FireBird+