Tonearm Vitamin L

Tonearm has released Vitamin L, a system of over 100 shortcuts and tools developed for speeding up the workflow in Ableton Live.

Vitamin L combines accelerated access to most frequently performed tasks with many functionality enhancements.

Vitamin L features

  • a set of ergonomically placed “smart” single-key shortcuts.
  • context-sensitive mouse wheel assignment.
  • easy keyboard access to many clip properties and envelopes.
  • quick modes for adjusting clip gain, pitch and BPM from the timeline/session.
  • keyboard timeline navigation, play-from-mouse-cursor, etc.
  • a quick and simple solution to recording and combining multiple takes.
  • power-zoom: mouse-wheel zoom, accelerated zoom, vertical zoom, zoom presets.
  • precision editing (nudge, move/copy to an adjacent track and more).
  • automation tools, including working with lanes and editing the tempo envelope.
  • sample-audio-to-midi-track function and shortcut.

Vitamin L runs as a small executable, concurrently with Ableton Live (Live 6 or 7 required, Windows XP only).

Visit Tonearm for more information and a link to download Vitamin L.