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ToneBoosters launches Equalizer 4 plugin (VST/AU)


ToneBoosters has released an update of its all-purpose dynamic equalizer, which now features AI assist functionality.

TB Equalizer v4

TB Equalizer 4 offers spectral side-chain compression for creative effects and problem solving that cannot be achieved by conventional side-chain compressors or equalizers. It also uses machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to listen along and provide you with content-type-dependent equalization suggestions on the fly.

Up to sixteen analog-modelled, high-accuracy, state-space filter sections each supporting a wide variety of filter types for creative and surgical equalization. Each filter section supports a unique ‘auto makeup’ function to automatically compensate for loudness differences inevitably introduced by cutting or boosting certain frequencies.

Each filter section can be independently configured to apply (dynamic) downward compression, upward compression, or combinations thereof for equalization beyond what any conventional equalizer can do. Dial in automatic, program-dependent attack and release behavior to get results quickly and efficiently, or adjust them manually for creative effects.

Equalizer 4 features

  • Analog-modelled filters.
  • Fully customizable sound.
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer.
  • Surgical dynamics processing.
  • AI assist function.
  • External side chain (VST3, AU).
  • Easy to use, scalable interface.
  • VST, VST3, and AU format.
  • 32-384 kHz sample rate.
  • 16-channel support (VST3, AU).

TB Equalizer 4 is available for 30 EUR. Users with a full license of TrackEssentials v3, FlX v3 or BusTools v3 can upgrade for 15 EUR.

More information: ToneBoosters

TB Equalizer v4

TB Equalizer v4

TB Equalizer v4

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