ToneBoosters has launched its website with a series of VST audio processing plugins for Windows and Mac.

Our audio plugins are based on more than a decade of scientific research and product development in the areas of digital signal processing and auditory perception. We combine advanced signal processing techniques and highly-optimized cross-platform implementations with simple-to-use interfaces to optimize your workflow. We strive for both affordability as well as quality rather than settling for compromises and trade-offs, introducing professional-grade products to a broad range of users.

ToneBoosters plug-ins

  • BusTools
    • TB Isone – A virtual monitoring setup with adjustable speakers and room acoustic properties – right from your headphones.
  • TrackEssentials
    • TB Equalizer – Analyze and modify the spectral balance with TB Equalizer – a versatile EQ with digital and analog filter prototypes.
    • TB HumRemover – Clean-up that great performance and remove low-frequency rumble or AC hum resulting from ground loops with TB HumRemover.
    • TB DeEsser – Reduce excess sibilance from vocals, or apply smooth and natural limiting of high frequencies of stereo mixes with TB DeEsser.
    • TB Ferox – Add the warmth and punch of analog tape right within your audio workstation – with TB Ferox tape simulator plugin.
    • TB EZCompressor – Improve your workflow with the most advanced yet simplest to use compressor you can think of – TB EZCompressor.
    • TB Gate – Reduce any unwanted background noise or create that legendary gated reverb with your reverb of choice and TB Gate.
    • TB Reverb – Simulate any acoustic environment – from a small room to a warm and dense concert hall with TB Reverb
    • TB XYTool – Change the direction of your XY-configuration (super) cardioid microphones or add new microphones – after recording!
    • TB Compressor – Get any audio dynamics under control with TB Compressor – a versatile and advanced VST dynamic range compressor.

The BusTools and TrackEssentials for PC and Mac (VST) are available to purchase for 20 EUR each.

More information: ToneBoosters