eXtream Software Development has announced that the selected ToneBoosters effect plug-ins are now available in Audio Evolution Mobile for Android.

ToneBoosters Barricade in Audio Evolution Mobile

A first ToneBoosters effect pack containing the Barricade (brickwall limiter), DeEsser, Gate and Reverb effects is now available as an in-app purchase in Audio Evolution Mobile, affordably priced at €3.49 euro.

To celebrate this collaboration, ToneBoosters are generously providing their TimeMachine effect for free in the app! People are invited to contact either company to let them know which ToneBoosters effects they want next in Audio Evolution Mobile!

Audio Evolution Mobile for Android is available for purchase for 5.75 EUR. The Tonebooster effect pack in-app purchase is 3.49 EUR.

More information: Audio Evolution Mobile