Tonebuilder adds Maschine support to Driven Machine Drums Stikes Back + intro offer

ToneBuilder Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back

Tonebuilder has announced that its Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back electronic drum sample library now includes support for Native Instruments Maschine.

There are 22 kits created for Maschine now included in both editions of DMDSB, as well as 2072 WAV samples organized by type and texture.

Every drum sound in the 22 kits has AHD envelopes assigned to the sample/pad. I’m very pleased with the feel of the knobs on their hardware when tuning the envelopes. The response felt spot on with my computer (YMMV).

Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back is available to purchase at a 22% discount, priced at $57 USD (Standard) / $67 USD (Deluxe) through January, 2012.

More information: Driven Machine Drums

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