ToneBuilder Hi-Fi 909

ToneBuilder has announced the release of Hi-Fi 909, a new sample library featuring drum samples from a Roland TR-909 drum machine.

The TR909 is my favorite drum machine of all time. With that in mind, I set out to create something that honored the 909’s legacy, but at the same time enhanced it.

There’s an entirely new collection of tubes, compressors, and EQs used to process the TR-909, providing a unique “hi-fi” quality to the collection. In addition, I’ve captured the entire project for you at 24bit, 96khz resolution.

As with all my offerings, I’m allowing you to try it out for 30 days. If you like the TR-909, I’m certain you’ll love this collection. Ultimately, I want you to be happy creating music.

Hi-Fi 909 features

  • Designed to capture the Roland TR-909 with a distinctly Hi-Fi quality.
  • 819 Sounds.
  • 27 Kontakt + EXS-24 Programs.
  • 8 Guru Starter Kits.
  • Additional special processing to create 909 Djembes, Congos, and Bongos.
  • Additional snares and rims from the Novation Drum Station 909 section.

Hi-Fi 909 is available to purchase for $23 USD.

More information: Tonebuilder