ToneGym has revealed a new online tool that enables musicians and composers to learn, play and create chord progressions online.

The Chord Progression Generator allows users to choose from an extensive collection of common chord progressions or create their custom progressions within or without the boundaries of a musical scale.

Piano keys or guitar frets displays are available, and users can set the tonic, tempo, and playing mode.

Chord progressions are played according to voice-leading principles and can be looped for online jamming and composing.

Chord Progression Generator features

  • Extensive chord progression bank.
  • Piano keys and guitar frets displays.
  • Custom chord progression creation within or without scale boundaries.
  • Set tonic, tempo, and playing mode (harmonic, up or down arpeggio).
  • Chord progressions are played according to voice-leading principles.

The Chord Progression Generator tool is free, and available online from the ToneGym website.