Tonehammer Composer Bundle #3

Tonehammer has released the Composer Bundle #3, a dual library combining Anti-Drum Vol. 1 and Rust Vol. 1, including 37 different instruments for Kontakt.

The libraries compliment each other, since they both contain a variety of highly unique instruments ranging from Water Bottle Ensemble to Soda Can Ensemble, Stomps to Couch Ensemble, Monkey Balls to Alien Tubes, Ukelele and Guitar drums, Bowed Saw, Stairway Railings, Coins, Crowbars, Baby Toys and so forth.

Composer Bundle #3 features

  • Anti-Drum Vol. 1 — contains 19 unconventional percussive instruments sampled in a variety of exotic locations totalling about 1GB and 2400 samples. It is a celebration of every day objects and sounds transforming into new- and interesting musical instruments. The Anti-Drum instruments ranges from workboot stomps to water bottle thwacks, clicking baby toys, wall balls, ukulele and guitar drums, to shock mount thunks and clapping ensembles. The majority of instruments have been sampled in orchestral halls and large studio rooms, so they have a natural acoustic verb, which allows instant integration into templates.
  • Rust Vol. 1 — is a hymn to man-made metal. The library contains 18 different metallic “instruments” ranging from huge sounding Stairwell Railings to a tiny Soda Can Ensemble, from Dumpster and Junkyard Percussion to an old coal mine air shaft, from Bowed saw to Monkey balls and much more. Tonehammer Rust Vol. 1 contains nearly 2700 samples, totaling over 1 GB.
  • Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo wav format
  • Format(s): Kontakt and .wav

Composer Bundle #3 is available now for $69 USD. The Anti-Drum Vol. 1 and Rust Vol. 1 libraries are also available separately for $39 USD each.

Visit Tonehammer for more information and demo tracks.