Tonium Pacemaker

Tonium is now shipping the Pacemaker, a revolutionizing portable DJ system that lets you mix, play and perform anywhere, anytime.

What was once thought to be exclusively available to DJs and professional producers is now readily available to everyone. Instead of simply listening to your music you can now completely interact with it, and the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

Pacemaker features all the functionality of a professional DJ set-up – and, all mixes are saved to the hard drive, allowing you to easily upload your mixes to the Internet via Pacemaker Editor. Pacemaker is the first product in the world that truly brings DJing to the masses and right into the hands of the next DJ generation!

Pacemaker features

  • Playback control — Auto beatmatch, timestretch, pitch speed, bend speed, beat graph, loop, reverse, cue play.
  • Cue control — Set cue point, save cue point, auto cue, DJ pause, vinyl pause, headphones crossfader.
  • Effects control — Colour FX, beat FX, key, kill-all, effects crossfader.
  • Sound control — Track EQ, master EQ, headphones EQ, normalize sound.
  • Recording control — Record, halt.
  • Volume control — Master headphones volume, headphones volume limiter, lineout crossfader, gain, master lineout volume, lineout volume limiter.
  • Track browsing control — Track navigation filters, on-the-go cases.

Pacemaker is available in two versions:

  1. Pacemaker Model N° 666
    The lighter 60 GB Pacemaker, with the same functionality as its predecessor, but with a stripped accessory package. Includes: Pacemaker 60 GB, USB cable. Price: $599 USD excl. VAT.
  2. Pacemaker Model N° 211
    The classic and original 120 GB Pacemaker, including a full set of Pacemaker accessories. Includes: Pacemaker 120 GB, Fast Charger, RCA cable, USB cable, Strap. Price: $699 USD excl. VAT.

Visit the Pacemaker website for more information.