Toontrack Drumtracker

Toontrack has announced Drumtracker, a stand-alone, multi-track audio to midi converter for sound replacement.

Drumtracker features

  • Host independent, Stand Alone software for converting drum audio to drum MIDI. Import Audio tracks, export MIDI mapped to your favourite drum sampler
  • Each trigging point graphically represented. Delete, add, move or change the velocity to your individual needs
  • Manual control over tracking and exporting, select which part or parts of a drum track that you want to export, down each single hit
  • Set max/min velocity and threshold values for each instrument and articulation
  • Audition before and after filters
  • Save your own presets

Drumtracker will be available in stores in december 2007 or january 2008. (Price is TBA).

Visit Toontrack for more information.