Toontrack has announced the release of three Latin jazz inspired MIDI packs for drums, EZkeys and EZbass.

The Latin Jazz Grooves MIDI pack features mambo, samba, songo and many other characteristic Latin rhythms flawlessly performed by no less than two different drummers, both delivering all the hallmark traits of jazz and Latin merged into one rhythmic dynamo.

The pack includes some 400 grooves and fills played by Jimmy Macbride and Mauricio Herrera.

The Latin Jazz EZbass MIDI pack covers the essentials of the Latin jazz genre and provides basslines for the most common of the countless rhythmic structures it comprises. Add to that its palette of glaring melodic color combined with all the inherent traits of jazz and you have a collection of MIDI that’s guaranteed to provide a solid base and serve as nothing less than a creative juggernaut for your next batch of Latin jazz-inspired songs.

Played by pianist Manuel Valera, the Latin Jazz EZkeys MIDI pack celebrates Latin jazz and the cauldron of influences, styles and immense width of cultures it brings together under its umbrella. Expect jazz as we know it – but saturated by the unmistakable rhythms, the inimitable melodic language and all the flagrant pastels of Latin music. This is just as ideal for composing backing tracks for jamming purposes as it is for adding a Latin feel to any passage of a song or for writing new ones from the ground up.

The MIDI packs are available from Toontrack and PluginFox for $29 USD each.