Toontrack has announced a new EZkeys MIDI title that offers a collection of piano playing variations for dramatic songs or scores.

The Movie Scores Drama EZKeys MIDI pack by Martin Hall focuses on dramatic scenes that call for equally dramatic scores.

Toontrack Movie Scenes Drama EZkeys MIDI

Imagine a crime scene, a love lost, a love gained, a time-lapse of spring turning into summer and fall to winter. Or imagine yourself writing to the scenes that play out on your own screen or in your head. There are no two ways about it: on the silver screen, music is much more than chords, harmony and melody – it’s a storyteller.

Music is so deeply embedded in the motion picture narrative that it’s uncanny to imagine it without. In a captivating movie scene, it adds just as much as impeccably delivered dialogue, beautiful cinematography or forceful acting. Sometimes it’s so perfectly transparent that we don’t even pay attention to it, we just get absorbed and submerged… This is what takes place when all storytelling elements come together and what we generally refer to as ‘magic’ happening.

Movie Scores – Drama features

  • Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by dramatic movie scenes.
  • Material inspired by comedic, romantic, fantasy, crime, historical, thriller and crime drama.
  • 3/4 and 4/4 playing variations in swing and/or straight feel with tempos ranging from 64 BPM to 135 BPM.
  • Intro, main theme, bridge and outro sections.
  • Performed by professional session player.

The Drama MIDI pack is available from Toontrack and distributor Plugin Boutique, priced at 25 EUR.