Toontrack has released its new EZkeys MIDI expansion pack Power Ballads, a collection of piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by rock and pop ballads from the ’80s through to today.

Toontrack Power Ballads EZkeys MIDI

If one thing is to be said about ballads, and particularly so power ballads, it is that they are one of the prime ingredients in the universal recipe for success. These emotional powerhouses have propelled countless artists into the absolute stratosphere and seem to hit a string that resonates across any genre, age, gender and musical preference. Simply put: these three-minute love stories strike with resolute power – straight to the heart.

This MIDI pack for EZkeys was inspired by the wealth of power ballad songs from the ’80s through to today. Expect subtle verses, massive crescendos, big choruses, timeless melodies and most importantly, endless amounts of inspiration for your songs.

The MIDI pack is available for purchase for $29 USD / 29 EUR.

More information: Toontrack