Toontrack Music EZplayer Pro

Toontrack Music has released version 1.0.4 of EZplayer Pro, a software tool that lets you organize and preview all the MIDI on your hard drive with the sampler of your choice.

EZplayer pro is a multi track MIDI organizer, arranger and format conversion tool between mapping formats that allows you to gather all your MIDI clips in one browser. You can use EZplayer pro to preview those MIDI clips and drag and drop them directly into your host. The multi track arranger in EZplayer pro also makes it possible to arrange MIDI clips into fused sequences to either be saved back into the EZplayer pro browser for later use or be dragged into your usual sequencer as part of a composition.

Changes in EZplayer Pro v1.0.4

  • New wrappers for Steven Slate Drums and generic IMAP formats.
  • SDX kit pieces available for Superior content.
  • Contextual filtering for kit piece selection.
  • Internal logging of missing wrappers for QA purposes.
  • Channel is no longer offset by 1 in the Browser.
  • Graphical issues on PPC affecting clips in Arranger.
  • Uninstalling/re-installing should resolve MIDI path issue arising from relocating EZdrummer.
  • Clicking in the timeline while looping and playing should no longer crash EZplayer.
  • Empty MIDI files (or files emptied by wrapper action) no longer crash the program.
  • Further sync to host improvements in Apple Logic.
  • Missing input wrapper for RDK is now included.
  • Drumcore wrappers are no longer placeholders but do more than looking nice.
  • Minor other fixes in various wrappers.

EZplayer Pro for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for $49 USD/€30 EUR/£25 GBP.

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