Toontrack has announced the release of Epic Themes 2 EZkeys MIDI, a new collection of piano and keyboard MIDI inspired by epic scenes, soundtracks and scores.

Performed by professional session player, the pack includes 8 song folders with various sections in 4/4, 6/8 and 7/8 in straight feel with tempos ranging from 65 bpm to 145 bpm.

A great actor can tell a sentence without uttering a word – and equally, a great director can create a moving scene with nothing but a static frame of film. However, add music to the equation and something truly remarkable occurs. When visuals and music work together and become one, it can’t be described as anything other than magic.

This EZkeys MIDI pack picks up where the first Epic Themes EZkeys MIDI volume left off and continues to explore the majestic world of music for the silver screen. Expect more larger-than-life song ideas that celebrate the ultimate power of music as a narrator and its momentous force as a storyteller. Whether for the silver screen, for when the curtain drops, the credits roll or for any song or idea that calls for a pièce de résistance moment, this collection of EZkeys MIDI has something in store for you.

Unlike often at the movies, here is a sequel that is equally as epic as the original.

Epic Themes 2 EZkeys MIDI is available from Toontrack, priced 29 USD/EUR. The pack is 20% off as part of a summer sale until July 31st, 2021.