Toontrack has announced the availability of its virtual piano instrument EZkeys 2, which introduces several groundbreaking new features to the go-to tool for songwriters.

Already have a song idea? Simply drop your audio or MIDI in the Bandmate and have EZkeys 2 list its best matches for an accompanying piano. Struggling to come up with an idea? Use the Suggest Chords feature and EZkeys 2 will come up with a musical chord progression based on style and feel. Need even more inspiration? Use the Songwriting Scales feature and let a mood or scale set the tone for your new idea. If that’s not enough, browse the extensive, new MIDI library covering a wealth of genres and playing styles.

Beyond that, EZkeys 2 offers near endless possibilities for editing, arranging and customizing your performances – leaving you in total creative control. In addition, EZkeys 2 also includes an all-new core sound library featuring a breathtaking grand piano recorded to offer maximum versatility and an unrivaled playability.

EZkeys 2 features

  • Fully resizable and scalable interface.
  • Bandmate: Get chords and grooves based on your own audio or MIDI.
  • Onboard grid editor with humanization, scale matching, timing features and more.
  • Tap2Find: Get grooves based on the rhythm and notes you input.
  • An all-new grand piano recorded using a wide range of microphones and ambiences.
  • Mix-ready presets for a broad range of styles and sounds.
  • An all-new MIDI library covering different playing styles and music genres.
  • New business model: Software includes core sound library.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX), EZkeys 2 is priced 179 USD/EUR. Users of any EZkeys 1 library can upgrade for 99 USD/EUR.

EZkyes 2 is available to purchase from Toontrack and distributors PluginFox and Best Service.