Toontrack has announced the release of the Hip-Hop Offbeats MIDI pack, a collection of hip-hop drum MIDI variations that are off for all the right reasons.

Toontrack Hip Hop Offbeats MIDI

When it comes to timing, there’s no right or wrong. Some rush the beat, others stay behind it – a few, like Hampus Sjöstedt, venture off into completely new rhythmic landscapes. “For me, I’ve realized that real groove is when I let go of all inhibitions, lose myself in the beat and just let music be music,” he commented.

This collection of drum MIDI captures the unique rhythmic philosophy and groove DNA of Swedish drummer Hampus Sjöstedt. It covers a wide range of hip-hop styles and feels – all embodied by Hampus’ unique rhythmic fingerprint. “I want my beats to provoke, to challenge convention and to inspire new takes on flow,” he said.

These grooves will have you venture off the beaten track, into uncharted territory. If you dare to break the mold, paint outside the lines and use some unconventional colors, new patterns will appear. Start writing!

The Perfect Matches

The Hip-Hop! EZX features an extensive collection of sounds tailored for hip-hop – the perfect match to the grooves in the Hip-Hop Offbeats MIDI pack! Looking for piano and keyboard playing variations? The Hip-Hop EZkeys MIDI pack presents a virtual encyclopedia of ideas. Just add some drums and you’ve got a beat.

Hip-Hop Offbeats MIDI features

  • Drum grooves and fills in MIDI format.
  • Unconventional grooves and rhythmic timing.
  • Perfect for hip-hop, neo-soul and any modern pop context.
  • Approx. 55 separate styles with several variations in each.
  • Played by a professional drummer.

The Hip-Hop Offbeats MIDI pack is available from Plugin Boutique for 25 EUR.

More information: Toontrack / Hip-Hop Offbeats MIDI